Textile expertise,
exceptional techniques.
More than 6.000 items produced on a daily basis.

What we do

We love what we do and we do it with passion, diligence, speed and effectiveness. We are a driven team of skillful individuals, with many years of experience and substantial expertise in pleating and many other fabric processing techniques.

In our private, modern and fully equipped premises in Kalochori, Thessaloniki, where all the departments of our company are located in the same area, daily production surpasses 6,000 pieces!

How we do it

In such a challenging scene as the fashion industry, you have to be able to not just follow, but also create trends. The creative process is at the core of our work; inspiration and top craft coexist in suggested ideas that are influenced by art, design, trends, nature and the most influential fashion bloggers.

The productive process is equally important. Together, the modern mechanical equipment and qualified staff guarantee a flawless result, with quality controls in every stage.

Finally, an important part of our success is also our excellent customer service, the tailor made solutions that defy all challenges and cover every need.


We apply a wide variety of fabric processing techniques:

> Sunray
> Knife pleat
> Wave
> Fantasy pleating
> Accordion
> Crash-Curling
> Sublimation Print
> Foil
> Embossing

We have the knowledge, the way and the craft to give the form you desire to every fabric.